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Latest hydro turbine generator demo now available!

A new demo for the hydro turbine generator is available at our KHCK Dalian Office today. This demo shows clearly how the turbine works as well as the effects of the generator.

The working principle of this demo is:
-- Water flows over the turbine causing it to rotate. (For the demonstration, water is pumped by a submersible pump to the turbines of the hydro generator).
-- The generator connected to the turbine will rotate rapidly, producing electricity.
-- The electricity will be delivered to the loads through a voltage regulator.

The Hydro turbine generator has the following advantages:
-- Small size, light weight, reasonable design;
-- Automatic frequency stabilization and voltage control;
-- Reliable performance and low-cost;
-- The product is environmentally friendly with obvious social and economic benefits

KHCK can supply you with micro hydro turbine generators (from 200W to 10kW). These safe and reliable products are suitable for everyone to operate. The installation is simple and the product is easy to use, which makes it suitable for users to purchase, build, manage and use themselves. KHCK hydro turbine generators are rather popular in rural areas with small rivers or streams.

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